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* fix: text alignment and solution parserfeat/further-questionsDiederick de Vries2019-04-165-11/+11
* fix: substraction service should keep all values between min and maxDiederick de Vries2019-04-161-7/+24
* improvement: use labels instead of enum value namesDiederick de Vries2019-04-161-6/+13
* fix: ignore empty or non numeric inputs and clear input fieldDiederick de Vries2019-04-161-8/+16
* fix: division serviceDiederick de Vries2019-04-164-31/+38
* refactor: move main() to Application classDiederick de Vries2019-03-233-39/+56
* refactor: remove sysoutsDiederick de Vries2019-03-233-6/+0
* refactor: populate combo box with enum valuesDiederick de Vries2019-03-232-14/+3
* feature: allow 20 as max valueDiederick de Vries2019-03-233-5/+7
* Merge branch 'feat/further-questions' of bender:/srv/git/calcusaurus into fea...Diederick de Vries2019-03-232-16/+34
| * test: add testsDiederick de Vries2019-03-231-1/+9
| * feature: only unique assignmentsDiederick de Vries2019-03-231-15/+25
* | fix: leave more room for label when using larger fontDiederick de Vries2019-03-232-5/+6
* feature: get focus when displayingDiederick de Vries2019-03-232-0/+5
* fix: make enough room for assignment label with larger fontDiederick de Vries2019-03-231-3/+4
* feature: add getRandomDenominator() as getRandomInt() that does never return ...Diederick de Vries2019-03-231-0/+46
* fix: regard null as different object instead of throwing an errorDiederick de Vries2019-03-231-1/+6
* fix: rule out primes, or most of the assignments will be 1 * x = xDiederick de Vries2019-03-231-9/+6
* fix: adhere to min and max valuesDiederick de Vries2019-03-231-9/+14
* feature: user doesn't need to use their mouse during the exerciseDiederick de Vries2019-03-235-3/+57
* feature: increase font for assignmentsDiederick de Vries2019-03-232-2/+13
* fix: remove useless testDiederick de Vries2019-03-221-1/+1
* fix: use new toString() implementation of Assignment classDiederick de Vries2019-03-221-1/+1
* fix: fix min and max ascertainingDiederick de Vries2019-03-221-2/+2
* feature: do not allow blank strings in getInt()Diederick de Vries2019-03-221-0/+3
* fix: make sure 1 * x and x * 1 do not occurDiederick de Vries2019-03-221-4/+15
* feat: user shouldn't be able to use negative numbers without zero.Diederick de Vries2019-03-221-4/+35
* feat: use factoring to get more variations in multiplication assignmentsDiederick de Vries2019-03-224-19/+131
* test: test positive, nullable and negative min and max numbersDiederick de Vries2019-03-221-9/+49
* refactor: add equals() and hashcode()Diederick de Vries2019-03-221-0/+19
* feature: allow for positive, zero and negative min and max numbersDiederick de Vries2019-03-221-7/+11
* refactor: consistent formattingDiederick de Vries2019-03-2226-278/+345
* fix: solutions should be <= max valueDiederick de Vries2019-03-221-32/+4
* refactor: allow for nullable and negative minimum numbersDiederick de Vries2019-03-222-9/+107
* refactor: fixed package nameDiederick de Vries2019-03-216-53/+89
* fix: fix typoDiederick de Vries2019-03-211-1/+1
* feature: add panel to further configure assigment requirementsDiederick de Vries2019-03-213-14/+267
* fix: fix lay-outDiederick de Vries2019-03-212-6/+6
* feature: make AdditionService handle negative and zero numbers correctlyDiederick de Vries2019-03-212-17/+84
* fix: slightly more robust number parsingDiederick de Vries2019-03-212-0/+75
* fix: selecting to stop should end VMDiederick de Vries2019-03-192-10/+9
* doc: reorder TODOs and add oneDiederick de Vries2019-03-191-1/+2
* chore: set version to 0.1-SNAPSHOTDiederick de Vries2019-03-191-1/+1
* feature: add Swing viewDiederick de Vries2019-03-1921-0/+1399
* test: add tests for service layerDiederick de Vries2019-03-195-0/+306
* chore: add .gitignoreDiederick de Vries2019-03-191-0/+10
* feat: add services to create simple assignmentsDiederick de Vries2019-03-196-0/+288
* chore: initial commitDiederick de Vries2019-03-198-0/+352