This is where I publish my own projects. Unless otherwise specified, they're all licenced GLPv2.

Every project's summary page will contain clone links and sometimes snapshots. Cloning is via https:

$ git clone

Pull requests

If you want me to pull your changes, you'll have to create a signed tag, push it to your public repository (might be GitHub), and then create a pull request:

$ git tag --sign -m "Shiny new feature" tagname feature-shiny
$ git push +tagname
$ git request-pull v3.2 feature-shiny > msg.txt


  • tagname is the name of your new signed tag,
  • feature-shiny is the name of your branch,
  • is where you publish your fork, and
  • v3.2 is the tag where you based your branch on

This generates a report that you can email to me at has a good explanation on this, and explains git request-pull.